Client Testimonials

Fantastic practical learning, Susie is great, Well worth the time spent

Very helpful & thought provoking - Excellent experience. Great job Susie.

Should have done this 2 years ago
Very helpful especially helping me anticipate the needs of the other side

I am encouraged & have confidence to elevate my “Asks”.
Your style, energy and the level of which you master the subject and deliver your knowledge is amazing!

@SusieRMaloney, "You have more power than you think" - expert negatioation skills session going on now!

I absolutely loved this session, Susie has a way of making you turn your helicopter on. I’ve learned so muchmuch from her, strongly advise anyone and everyone to work with her on the ins and outs of negotiation.

Our client repeat is 100%. It is usual for our clients to say their objectives
were surpassed. Clients state extraordinary experience 95+% of the time.

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