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We are here to help however we can. Below are ways we work with
our clients and we can customize our approach based on your needs.
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Negotiation consulting and Strategy Development

Your needs dictate how we will work with you.

We can work across the board:

  • - End-to-end consulting framework designed for high-stakes, high value negotiations
    - Develop a comprehensive custom program combining development of strategy and tactics.
    - Life of a contract implementation and support and ongoing review

We can work with specific needs and immediate acute requests, for example

  • - Choose the right opening move, the right next move, the correct team (re-) alignment.
    - Review Stakeholder and relationship management situation, plan a fix if needed.
    - Pre-negotiation rehearsal, negotiation observation and post-negotiation feedback

Negotiation Training and Workshops

After expert analysis of your organization’s negotiation capability and review of the participants at an individual level, we create high-impact customized programs. Programs are designed to enhance and reboot the skills of the experienced negotiators and fast track the training of the others. Length of the workshops and content focus is personalized to your needs.

Trusted Advisorship

For an enterprises’ leader or high capability individual facing challenging relationships, stakeholder and/or negotiation situations we offer direct, in confidence working sessions. Using world leading frameworks, tools and techniques, this approach allows leaders to gain fresh perspectives and consider more options.

Negotiation Coaching and Assessment

Sharpen your individual skillset and further develop your unique attributes taking you to a new level of influencing and negotiating competence. Work 1:1 to heighten your awareness and performance.

We will assess your current capabilities and assets and identify the areas of focus and potential liabilities and build a personalized coaching plan for you. Whenever possible, our coaching method utilizes actual negotiations or upcoming engagements so that the sessions are realistic and relevant.

Our client repeat is 100%. It is usual for our clients to say their objectives
were surpassed. Clients state extraordinary experience 95+% of the time.

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