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A SWAT team for commercial

Highly trained in the areas of Negotiation and Influencing strategy and process.
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Achieving Negotiation and Influencing Success

An ENSI trained SWAT team for commercial transactions. Highly trained in the areas of Negotiation and Influencing strategy and process. Through the use of Tactical Empathy we focus on reaching the Preferred Outcome by craftfully persuading the Other Party to willingly choose our Preferred Outcome as their own.

We have worked around the world with governments, the largest of multi-nationals and conglomerates on high stakes interactions often resolving difficult, multi-lateral issues involving diverse stakeholders with disparate needs.

Often described by our clients as the best kept secret, we are behind the scenes training, coaching and animating preparation and strategy sessions for negotiators, influencers and whole negotiation teams.

Our tools and techniques, models and frameworks are grounded in research and theory, born from behavioral science and psychology then honed and refined through our highly practical experience-based approach. We don’t teach nice theories – we discover fundamental concepts through practical application and the analysis of what we have done in the past

Our work is simple: to get our clients to achieve the outcomes they want.

Susie Maloney

Lead Negotiation Practitioner & Strategist

Susie is a Professional Negotiator, Negotiation Architect/ Strategist and a Negotiating and Influencing Trainer. She has worked both the front lines and behind the scenes for very high-stakes negotiations for corporates, multi-nationals, and governments.

Known for keen inter-personal skills and emotional awareness she is highly sought after by clients from around the world. She provides negotiation strategy preparation, training and consulting, executive team leadership/special advisorship, and training design.

Rajeev VK

Climate and Atmospherics

Rajeev is a User Experience designer with 7+ years of combined work experience in the digital advertising industry. Prior to start career as a Climate and Atmospherics Coordinator he served as a Creative Designer at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising India to deliver creative communication solutions in corporate identity, product promotion, and web for a range of clients includes Amazon, Philips, IBM, Lenovo etc.

ENS International

Global Reach Network

ENS is a world-wide network of accomplished negotiation practitioners, who have the experience and ability to step in, anywhere in the world, and help you get the outcome you want.

Our client repeat is 100%. It is usual for our clients to say their objectives
were surpassed. Clients state extraordinary experience 95+% of the time.

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